About us - A design research collective

You can find our strength at the crossroads of agile and academic.

Paper & Equator was started in 2010 by two design researchers, who noticed their design peers often struggle to maintain authority and steer product decisions. Since then we have worked to strengthen team bonds while driving consensus across departments. To do so, we created a wide range of training, recruitment and mixed methods research packages. We work with over a dozen researchers in areas from haptics and augmented reality to AI and digital health, helping channel the latest thought leadership to support your product vision.

We believe that great design solutions can neither be outsourced nor automated. This goes to the heart of your deep knowledge of your unique users and market niche. So we work hard to advocate for and support each member on your team, from user experience to interface and brand. We do this by constantly generating and socializing the insights and data you need to support each sprint and iteration.

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Our culture - Innovation through empathy

In an age of high technology and fast-moving automation, it is all the more important to reinforce what makes us human — the diverse ways we love, laugh, struggle, trust and challenge ourselves to evolve every day. We see design as a change agent for society and a way to bring people closer.

  • Dynamic. We move easily across departments and silos, from boardrooms and stand-ups to design workshops and user labs.
  • Humble. We employ only proven experts with a strong track record for ego-free consulting and training.
  • Global. Cross-cultural exchange informs our work, revealing trends and new market opportunities.

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